Temporary Project Manager

In today's world, there are often situations when you need to introduce a new product or set of services. Not always in the company you have competent employer, who is ready to take on this responsibility. When you have such circumstances, the best solution would be to hire a temporary project manager. My job responsibilities include overseeing the project from beginning to the end, coordination of work processes, monitoring of contractors and quality of their work, timely giving the rights of the object in the specified deadlines and budget planning.

By the choice of candidate for the post of temporary project manager, you should come with great responsibility, in order not to be disappointed by his performance. Offering own services, I would like to emphasize the personal qualities that distinguish me from other applicants:

  • Organizational skills. to start workflow to make team work flawlessly as harmonious mechanism does - is impossible without certain leader skills. It is important to encourage your employees, because to see and feel significant results of the project on introduction of information technologies is possible only after a long and hard work.
  • Leader skills. By common activity is very important to make contact with participants of the project, so that they meekly do the received asks, understanding the importance of their work for general affairs. Competent leader will not allow sabotage and avoiding of own responsibilities.
  • Discipline. Impossible to achieve a healthy atmosphere in the team in the absence of discipline. Leader, organically build workflow, has the right to demand from the participants of the project timely and qualified performance of tasks.
  • Stress tolerance. Each team time to time has conflicts. The main tasks of the leader - to stop the conflict that occurred and find a compromise to resolve the critical situation. Based on this, have been taken some steps, that prevent the emergence of new disagreement.
  • efficiency. Right allocation of responsibilities among the project participants, the ability to find quickly the information and efficiency of decision-making – the sense of project success. Rationale and operational decisions taken by the head for 90% provide a positive end result.
  • Ability to learn fast. It's not a secret that technology tend to become obsolete very quickly, that is why the leader must stay abreast of updates and new functional features of certain programs.
  • Responsability. Getting to each new object, the head takes responsibility for its fate. He is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the object, punctuality and competent management of the staff. Successful finish of the project promotes professional growth and professional development of not only the head, but also the other employers, who were involved in the project.

With rich business experience and having all the above qualities, I am ready to feel the understanding of the needs of the company and interact with contractors on behalf of the company's management. At the end of cooperation, will help to define the steps for the further implementation of the project approach, as well as will give advice on training future leaders.

A large number of successfully completed projects ensure an understanding of the subtleties of work on a temporary project manager position. Focus on results, taking management decisions, cost optimization will certainly lead to the efficient goal of the final result.

  Support deals with IT contractors

IT Services took a strong position in the market of system integrators. Established system of office' technic work and innovation in business processes are needed to every self-respecting company. IT Services include the following processes:

  • Automation of the processes. This service can save time, avoid the performance of routine work and make more efficient use of personnel activities
  • Privacy. Most of the companies are interested that own developing, their customer base and other stored information will not be accessible to foreigners and be protected from break-ins.
  • Organization of communication systems. People especially appreciate this service of the company, whose employees are mostly working on a remote base. With it will be easier to coordinate work on large projects, as well as to ensure the consistency of infrastructure nets.
  • and other.

For a man, who is far from the environment of information technology, is difficult to navigate in a period of doing the work and spent money for the creation and implementation of IT services. Helplessness and lack of experience among the customers are often the reason that sellers of IT services unreasonably rise the price of their products. There are also such situations when due to lack of necessary knowledge is acquired unnecessary equipment, and together with them the programs and services, without which the company could safely do.

Studies have shown that only 22% of consumers of IT services are fully satisfied with work of their contractors. The rest were divided by opinion: some believe that the provided services need some additional work, and others do think that they threw money on the wind.

The question is: how with minimal spending get a high quality of provided service? The best option - to attract qualified professional, who has curtain knowledge in the field of IT.

Being a disinterested third part, by signing the contract with the contractors I will defend the interests of the consumer- company. In my responsibilities are included:

  • tracking transactions with contractors at all stages
  • minimizing the spending of the customer
  • Consultation on the optimal selection of equipment and software
  • control of the quality of provided services
  • assistance in the implementation of innovations in work processes of the company

At the contract signing with contractors my task will be to insist on a detail of all the points of the contract, including clearly delineated time frames, which are given to perform designated conditions. I also undertake to follow to that point, that in the contract were set out obligations of the parties and were subparagraphs where described the penalties for their non-compliance.

Such approach prevents the occurrence of unpleasant incidents in the future and helps to ensure that customer's funds will be maximum paid off.

   Daily consultant for corporate employees

By the date of today you will hardly find an organization which ignores the benefits of information technology. With the help of computer, personnel generated reports; the necessary information is stored, maintained business correspondence and carried out management of workers. In public institutions and private firms it helps to the effective organization of people's work, who are involved in data storage and processing. With the help of special programs is carried out the statistics and accounting of data.

Despite the fact that computer technic greatly facilitates the work processes, the leaders of the company often dissatisfied with the activities results of their employees. Due to the insufficient level of computer literacy, are reduced the temps of work, everywhere appear problems with the timely finishing of reports, or even worse - have to deal with the inconvenience from part of clients.

If your employers often has such questions:

  • how to organize a table in Excel?
  • How to add a signature in Outlook?
  • How to copy files to the network?

Do not rush to grab your head or take a radical solution to fire old employees and hire new ones. As we know, there are no hopeless situations, so in this case you can solve the problem using the services of a personal consultant for the company's employees.

My main goal is to increase computer literacy among employees, thereby increase the productivity of the office' work. Within one - two weeks, I will be among the team on a daily basis that will allow me to be involved in the atmosphere of the department and to identify the main causes of the difficulties in the use of computer technic.

Respecting the work schedule of the company, employees unseparated from production will be able to get valuable advices that will ensure the optimization of their work processes. Without interrupting from the performance of their duties, employees can ask for help, ask questions, and get an immediate response with a detailed demonstration of how in a particular program you can use its special features.

In the course of my work is possible to make master classes, where will set out some recommendations for the organization of interaction between employers. Until the finishing of my collaboration with the company, will carefully review the effectiveness of their implementation in the company's work. This will help to overcome the process known as "bottlenecks", it means that will be possible to identify the reasons for the low performance and take action to eliminate it.

At the end of my work, at the request of leaders can be carried out overview presentation, where will be widely discussed the subject of staff performance and problem areas that arise in the working processes of the company. There will also be presented a report about the methods that were used in the solution of existing problems.

With considerable experience in consultation of company employees, I can confidently say that even after a month you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of productivity of company's work.

   Development and implementation of WEB and attached applications

Fierce rivalry in the markets often force heads of companies look for solutions that allow them to break out in the leaders. Reasonable prices for products and services, as well as advertising, designed for different classes of consumers, ensure the influx of customers. However, how to make sure that the client was satisfied with the service and will returned to you again? The first step is to assess realistically the performance of the employees. If all of a sudden they will be unsatisfactory, it is necessary to take measures to improve the efficiency of the work.

At present time, almost every organization on the operating level suffers from a lack of small IT tools and applications. Additional options as accounting of incoming and outgoing correspondence, registration of received request and already completed orders can save time and streamline the work of employees in any organization.

In addition to standard actions in each company are carried out unique business processes, which differ from the processes of other companies. Because of this, appear the problem? You cannot always set some existing programs. Often, there is no ready program, which meets all the needs of your company. The correct solution in such situation is to consult a specialist, who will develop the required Web application, depending on the type of company's work.

Development of special tools greatly make the work of employees easier at the operational level, allowing to avoid mistakes and unexpected losses. Systems based on web- interface allows you to organize simultaneous access to an unlimited number of users, and clearly distinguish levels of access and information. The advantage of such an application is the fact that they do not require installation on your computer and are compatible with all currently known operating systems. Type and work principles of web- systems do not differ from the usual site, which is the perfect solution for those companies whose employees work on a remote basis.

Having carefully studied the activity of your company, analyzed your noticed goals and requirements, I will create an application that will perform the following tasks:

  • systematization of data
  • business process automation
  • registration of incoming and outgoing documentation
  • resource accounting
  • differentiation of access levels
  • organization of interaction within the team
  • data security

Having considerable experience in creating successful and professional attached applications, I suggest providing full-cycle services - from design to server configuration and introduction in work processes.

Microsoft Excel based tools

Many people underestimate the functionality of Microsoft Excel program, and did not even suspect that on its base are created many simple applications, where are required sorting and data searching in the table. Excel is an extremely powerful tool when you speak about calculations and calculations, but no need for multi-user access. Mini-programs are very popular: calculators and semi-automated tools with a special set of templates, which allow by the introduction of data and constants to calculate the final result in short terms.

The activity of each enterprise include the counting of the spending and profits. Taken in consideration the specificity of the company, I can offer the best option of calculations using applications developed on based of Excel: IT budget calculator, calculator of the project cost, calculation of indicators, etc.

  IT Outsourcing

Despite the fact that almost every company uses office equipment and work processes are carried out with the help of computer programs, not all companies consider it expedient to include in their state system administrator. The reason for this is the appearance in the market of IT outsourcing services. Now the company's management transfer asks about support of the normal functioning of IT systems in the hands of a specialist who undertakes to carry out these functions in accordance with a pre-designated level of service.

Signed a cooperation agreement, I will be able to save you from the worries, carrying out the following tasks:

  • Technical Support of workplaces
  • System Support of Software
  • consultation of employees in the questions of software usage
  • support and installation of servers
  • selection and implementation of software
  • construction and maintenance of LAN and networking
  • Troubleshooting in work of operating system
  • treatment and removal of viruses

Getting the above services will improve the quality of service that offer employees of your company and will minimizes downtime in the work processes. However, performance of the company will become more efficient. Reducing the cost of IT staff, you get high degree of responsibility and transparent of reporting system with affordable price.

Having special education and several years of practicing IT Outsourcing, I offer several options for cooperation:

Contractual service.

Such type of cooperation involves service for not less than one month and mean the signing of the contract, which describes the duties and deadlines of provided services.

System Administrator services rent.

Such kind of partnership provides the service that takes not more than one week. Especially is popular this kind of service for those companies where are a lot of old fault in the work process, coupled with the use of programs and attached applications.

Master for an hour

If suddenly computer hardware stopped its work, and does not want to function properly, you can urgently call a specialist for an hour. This time is sufficient to identify and troubleshoot any reason of the problems.

If you choose any of the above ways of working, you get qualify and professional approach, will increase the competitiveness and efficiency of your company, also will be free from many headaches.

  Personal tutor

There is a misconception that the personal tutor is required only for pupils and students. In the field of computer technology there is an opposite situation: every pupil will give odds to many adults who do not have special education.

To date of today, mostly in all fields is used office equipment with access to Internet. If we analyze the labor market, it can be seen that almost all vacancies have a requirement – sure computer user and knowing some application programs. Without an elementary knowledge of Microsoft Office products and the ability to use mail even get in the secretariat is extremely difficult. Very rarely the company encourages training for employers in the process of work. Is much easier to hire a person with a certain amount of knowledge, who starting from the first days can organically integrate into the workflow.

You seriously think about changing your jobs, but you are not competent in the use of office applications? Does the new position requires in-depth understanding of the special programs? Do you want to improve your professional value for potential employers?

It is well known that on the Internet there are lots of tutorials and even video tutorials designed for the study of basic office applications. Even detailed learning some literature does not always lead to a successful outcome. It is enough in the beginning to miss some nuance and the rest of the book will not be available to your understanding, as if a foreigner wrote it.

Lessons with a personal repeater will help you to increase the level of computer skills, learn a lot about the special opportunities frequently used applications, as well as to improve the professional level. Individual approach and understandable explanation of the materialtogether with a clear demonstration of significantly accelerate understanding of the operating systems. During the training you will be able to ask any questions and get detailed answers to them, which is impossible for learning programs by viewing the video lessons.

Watching your actions, I will be able at the initial stages correct your allowable errors, explaining what algorithms of actions lead to the desired result. A few lessons for mastering the science of usage the hot keys will help you to carry out all work operations faster and more efficiently.

Services of a personal tutor can be provided both at home, so and in the workplace at any convenient for you time. In accordance with your wishes and possibilities, the whole cycle of learning can take place in a few weeks, spending two-hour lessons three times a week, or to learn express course, by daily intensive studying for six hours in a day for three days.

  computer literacy training at the workplaces

It is no secret that there are no two alike competent employers. To perform the same task two employees require different amounts of time, and the quality of performance is often different. "What is the reason?" - This question often appears in head of corporate executives. The answer is very simple. The productivity of the staff by 80% depends on the deep understanding of the computer's work and its main programs.

I can confidently say that I could handle at 30% -60% faster and effectively with the work of any office employee, than if he carried out his duties by himself. Moreover, I will not hesitate to say that could replace two or three employees without the company felt the deficit of staff. This does not overconfidence at all.

Even the knowledge of simple combination of hotkeys allows you to do the job in half the time. Imagine what results can be achieved if we pass whole computer literacy course. Writing macros save you from performing routine activities, and the use of small helping programs, the existence of which many people don't have an idea, greatly facilitate and optimize the activities of employees.

By the learning process of computer literacy in the work places, I have had to watch as employees of companies choose "complicated" way to make report or perform other tasks. The reason is in pernicious habit of doing as somebody taught and unwillingness to develop. Not knowing how to do the job in different way, they daily perform complicate algorithm of actions, while it can be replaced by a more convenient form of execution.

Careful study of the methods used by employees of Programs usage will identify gaps in knowledge and will let me to offer an "easy" way for tasks performing. Because employees of the same company have different duties, respectively, for each is fixed a certain set of functions. Personal approach to each of students allows them to learn only those skills that will be needed in the performance of their work directly. Such an approach would help to concentrate on teaching useful programs and commands for employer, without the distraction of unneeded points.

In the process of my close working with office staff, students will be able to ask any questions and ask for help if any of the program works not correctly. Installing the necessary updates will open new opportunities for programs that have not previously been used by employers.

After graduating from a computer literacy course, your employees will be able to approach to solving problems properly, what guarantees the organic and operational work of the office.

Thanks to the correct organization of interaction within the team, in the office will change and working environment. Reports will be given in time, the tasks will be performed without extra nerves, and subordinates will stop living in anticipation of catching up from the bosses, because the work is properly executed.

   Trainings for staff

Research shows that the key to successful business in most cases depends on a high professional level of employees. Characteristics, which are required for a valuable resource, are directly dependent on the activity of the company. Employees of the call-centers must possess communication skills. In the secretariat field, they must have a high degree of responsibility and diligence. And in the factories is valued knowledge of technology and office work.

Leaders of different companies have the same opinion - each person must have a medium or high level of computer skills. HR managers take great care about that hire workers possess the necessary skills to use the program. More complicated is situation with employees who have worked at the company for quite a long time. Conservatism and not willing to develop themselves and to learn new methodologies of the programs usage, - are often characterized by those who work for the company for more than 10 years.

I often notice that staff is the weak side of the enterprise. Lack of knowledge about the functional features of the various programs, the complete lack of ideas about information security and data protection, and sometimes - psychological complexity do not let to move to new software. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the office as a whole.

Do not rush to menace to fire all the old employers. There are much more humane ways to resolve the situation. If your company has one or two employees, who should improve the computer skills, it is best to send them to specialized courses or seminars. If you need to teach more than ten people, you should think about to hire a specialist to conduct training for staff.

Training – is a powerful and effective issue to eliminate illiteracy among the staff. I've often provide training in different companies, after what the employers began to use new tools and methods by carrying out their daily duties.

My complex course of trainings provides a detailed study of ways to work effectively on a computer, which runs operational system Windows 7/8. There will also be widely described topics of information and data security, which is particularly important for commercial enterprises.

My main task is to eliminate internal restrictions that do not allow to use own potential to 100%. Activities after trainings will help to fix the results and ensure that staff stopped working by the old inefficient scheme, and began to apply new skills.

New skills, in-depth knowledge about the special opportunities of the PC, as well as the organization of interaction within the team will lead to the effective final goal of the enterprise' activity.