About me

A graduate of the global IT Corporation spent more than 5 years of work in field of projects management. In my practice is a large number of implemented projects with the geography of the whole country. Visa-free travel to 57 countries, including the European Union and the United States gives me the opportunity to fly to a meeting at any time. And experience – chance to understand the mentality and especially of foreign colleagues.

I am a man of ideas. The way of embodiment my craziest ideas into reality gives me pleasure and a is a sense of work.

My mission – is to save the country from computer illiteracy

Providing the professional assistance to Russian companies in the creation and modernization of their IT infrastructure in the maximum consistent with the objectives and the characteristics of each individual enterprise with the goal to improve the efficiency of their work and the Russian economy in general. Help to achieve maximum synergy in cooperation of employees using IT and qualified trained personnel to work with IT. Assistance to businesses to reduce IT costs and achieve their goals.

List of the most demanded services:

Management and control of the projects

As a temporary project manager, I will help in established period to introduce a new product or service, making the coordination of work processes, also budgeting and monitoring of contractors and quality of work.

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Support deals with IT contractors

Attracting the qualified specialist by signing the contracts with IT contractors can help to save money and will protect from the acquisition of low-quality services.

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Daily consultant for corporate colleagues

In the role of the personal adviser for the company's employees I will identify "bottlenecks" in the activities of the office, will developed a method to overcome them and unseparated from production will introduced in work processes of the team.

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Development and implementation of WEB and attached applications

Development of special tools greatly facilitates the work of employers at the operational level, allowing them to avoid mistakes and unexpected losses.

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IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing implies a care transfer by the support of the normal functioning of the IT systems in the hands of a specialist, who undertakes to carry out these functions in accordance with a pre-designated level of service.

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Personal tutor

Lessons with a personal tutor will help you to increase the level of computer skills, learn a lot of new information about the special possibilities of frequently used applications, as well as to improve the professional level.

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Computer literacy training in the workplace

Computer literacy training in the workplace will allow to employees to find the right method for solving some problems. Knowing the "easy" way to do the job, they will be able to double the productivity of the company.

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Staff trainings

Training for staff - the most effective thing to eliminate illiteracy among employees in possibilities of owning a PC.

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